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Property Management Services

We have a full in-house Property Management Team that handles everything from marketing, documentation, repairs and completing work orders. Our team understands that your home can be as unique as you are.  Whether pool service, lawn maintenance, pest control or general maintenance, we have you covered. We will look after your home as if it were our own.

Understanding the Basics

Property Protection
It all starts with a thorough visual and written record of the condition of the property before and after the term of a lease agreement. With digital photography, these records can be maintained efficiently to provide accurate documentation of the pre- and post-rental condition of the property.
Florida Law Protection
Includes lease preparation by our Residential Property Management attorney. Our attorney works hand in hand with us and keeps us up to date on the ever-changing legalities of Property Management to ensure the safety of our Owners and Tenants.
Applicant Screening
We access a full background of a prospective tenant to protect your interests including a multi-state criminal background search, rental eviction information, previous rental history, employment verification.
Rent Collection
Our services include rent collections, issuing of past-due notices, follow-up procedures for delinquent accounts, and file eviction paperwork with our attorney.
To include a full photo shoot of your property with an HD Wide Angle camera to ensure that your home looks its best. Details count and your potential tenants need to know what they are renting. Also, we provide a video home tour for most properties. Our videos are filmed in High Definition, edited to create a visually pleasing tour, and embedded in all of our advertisements. We want to ensure your home has the best coverage.
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